Personalised Services

We care for our guests in every way. Our personalised services are designed with holistic approaches in mind for all guests, whether they are families with small kids, couples, groups of friends or solo travellers. Sevices vary from romantic evenings, bachelor vacations, birthday parties with surprise activities, airport pick-ups, menus for people following strict diets, in-room breakfasts, and spa jouneys that include body scrubs through to revejunation treatments.

Healthy Lifestyle

Not only do we bring an ideal living space, but we also offer a healthy stay for our guests during their vacation; you are our priority. We offer you tailor-made menus with nutritious meals, including low-carb options.

Travelling Green (Eco-friendly) - “Alone we can do a little, together we can do so much”

We encourage our guests to participate in meaningful and responsible ways to protect the environment. We have many creative ideas that aim to save paper and water among other precious natural resources. In addition, we welcome any of your ideas or contributions that will help us protect our environment.

Community Footprint - “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

Whenever travellers land in a new country or city, many like to leave their mark. By choosing Lief, you will not only experience unforgettable moments with us, but it will open your eyes through our social activities to connect with the locals. You will be able to contribute to charities that support disadvantaged children and help them to enhance their knowledge and skills in the hope that they will live a better life.